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Glass Confirmation Rosary AB/Black   (F6178/BK)
Glass Confirmation Rosary AB/Black (F6178/BK)
  • 5034951571789
  • Nr: F6178/BK
Glass Confirmation Rosary AB/Crystal   (F6178/CRY)
Glass Confirmation Rosary AB/Crystal (F6178/CRY)
  • 5034951571796
  • Nr: F6178/CRY
Glass Confirmation Rosary AB/Ruby   (F6178/RUBY)
Glass Confirmation Rosary AB/Ruby (F6178/RUBY)
  • 5034951571802
  • Nr: F6178/RUBY
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As suppliers of rosary gift items for over 60 years, our selection of rosary beads, bracelets, necklaces, rings and accessories is unmatched with over seven hundred different variations and gift sets to choose from.

Our rosary gift sets are perfect for any occasion and can be custom designed to meet requirements from any store. We currently have a popular selection of sets for communions, confirmations, St. Patrick's Day and various pilgrimages.

These sets also come with useful devotional books, leaflets and prayer cards on 'How to pray the rosary' as well as prayers to specific saints.

Our rosary bead selection can fit any budget and appeal to any demographic with many premium and generic designs as well as designs suitable for children. They are also available in silver plated rosary gift boxes.

Finally, our smaller rosary items like our bracelets, macrame, car rosaries and single decade rosaries are perfect for customers on the go and who wish to choose a rosary bead that is compact, trendy and can be worn casually in public.

If you have any questions or queries about our selection of rosary items please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email. We are always happy to help. Alternatively, you can check out our frequently asked questions regarding our rosaries provided below.

Question: Do you supply rosaries for small children?
Answer: Yes, we have a selection of rosary beads and bracelets suitable for children in many different playful colours and designs to make praying the rosary a fun activity. These items are available in wood and elasticated rubber.

Question: Do you supply perfumed rosary beads?
Answer: Yes, we have a selection of scented rosary beads which include a junction of St. Pio.

Question: Do you supply missionary rosary beads?
Answer: Yes, we have a popular selection of missionary rosary beads available in full decade, single decade, with heart shaped beads or as a 12 pack display set.

Question: Do you supply loose rosary beads?
Answer: Yes, all rosaries are available in loose form which means they will be delivered in a bag instead of a case, display set or gift box. This is ideal for stores wishing to sell the rosary beads loose or as part of their own custom gift sets.

Question: Do you supply rosaries with birthstone colours?
Answer: Yes, we have a full range of birthstone rosary beads and bracelets that also include a small prayer or message related to the chosen month.

Question: Do you sell Irish rosaries?>br/> Answer: Yes, along with our Irish and St. Patrick's Day rosary gift sets we also sell a range of Irish themed rosaries which have Celtic knots and green bead variations in a number of different materials.

Question: Do you sell larger wall rosaries?
Answer: Yes, we have a small selection of much larger rosary beads that can be hung from a wall or around a large item or statue. They are also