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Communion Rosette with Chalice Picture   (C1903)
Communion Rosette with Chalice Picture (C1903)
  • 5034951190317
  • Nr: C1903
Communion Rosette   (C1905)
Communion Rosette (C1905)
  • 5034951190515
  • Nr: C1905
Communion Rosette/Chalice Motif   (C1906)
Communion Rosette/Chalice Motif (C1906)
  • 5034951190614
  • Nr: C1906
Communion Rosette/Enamel Pearl Inlay Medal   (C1907)
Communion Rosette/Enamel Pearl Inlay Medal (C1907)
  • 5034951190713
  • Nr: C1907
Communion Rosette/Chalice/IRISH WORDING   (C19150)
Communion Rosette/Chalice/IRISH WORDING (C19150)
  • 5034951191505
  • Nr: C19150
Confirmation Rosette with Picture   (F1903)
Confirmation Rosette with Picture (F1903)
  • 5034951190324
  • Nr: F1903
Confirmation Rosette   (F1905)
Confirmation Rosette (F1905)
  • 5034951190522
  • Nr: F1905
Confirmation Rosette/Dove Motif   (F1906)
Confirmation Rosette/Dove Motif (F1906)
  • 5034951190621
  • Nr: F1906
Conf.Rosette/Pearl Medal   (F1907)
Conf.Rosette/Pearl Medal (F1907)
  • 5034951190720
  • Nr: F1907
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As suppliers of religious jewellery for over 60 years we know you’ll be able to find something for your customers in our selection of over a thousand beautifully designed products.

We can supply necklaces, bracelets, rings, medals, pins, badges, crosses and crucifixes (pendants), bangles, brooches and even designer rosary jewellery items. Our ranges also cover various seasonal times of the year including communion, confirmation, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and other devotional events too.

We also ensure our jewellery items are manufactured using the finest materials such as sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, crystal glass, birthstone and metal plating infused with silver, gold, brass, gilt and copper. Our gold plated jewellery also has a number of different carat variations to choose from.

Our products will allow you to provide diverse and interesting jewellery options to your customers that suit any budget or requirement.

If you have any questions or queries about our jewellery gifts please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email. We are always happy to help. Alternatively, you can check out our frequently asked questions below.

Question: What communion and confirmation jewellery do you supply?

Answer: We currently supply over two hundred individual communion and confirmation jewellery items as well as jewellery gift sets. They include religious medals, necklets, pins, brooches and rosettes. All of which are available in different designs, sizes, colours and include sterling silver and 8ct gold options.