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Rosary Bracelets

Communion Gifts
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Communion Acrylic Rosary Bracelet/Crystal   (C6362)
Communion Acrylic Rosary Bracelet/Crystal (C6362)
  • 5034951663623
  • Nr: C6362
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Glass   (C6364)
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Glass (C6364)
  • 5034951663647
  • Nr: C6364
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Crystal   (C6365)
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Crystal (C6365)
  • 5034951663654
  • Nr: C6365
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Metal Filigree   (C6369)
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Metal Filigree (C6369)
  • 5034951663692
  • Nr: C6369
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Metallised   (C6370)
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Metallised (C6370)
  • 5034951663708
  • Nr: C6370
Communion Pearl Rosary Bracelet/Pink   (C6375)
Low Stock
Communion Pearl Rosary Bracelet/Pink (C6375)
  • 5034951663753
  • Nr: C6375
Sterling Silver Rosary Bracelet   (C6380)
Sterling Silver Rosary Bracelet (C6380)
  • 5034951663807
  • Nr: C6380
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Acrylic/Pearl   (C6383)
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Acrylic/Pearl (C6383)
  • 5034951663838
  • Nr: C6383
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Acrylic/Capped   (C6384)
Communion Rosary Bracelet/Acrylic/Capped (C6384)
  • 5034951663845
  • Nr: C6384
Communion Glass Rosary Bracelet/Cream   (C63870)
Communion Glass Rosary Bracelet/Cream (C63870)
  • 5034951663873
  • Nr: C63870
Communion Glass Rosary Bracelet/Pink   (C63880)
Communion Glass Rosary Bracelet/Pink (C63880)
  • 5034951663880
  • Nr: C63880
Communion Rosary Bracelet   (C6397)
Communion Rosary Bracelet (C6397)
  • 5034951663975
  • Nr: C6397
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As one of the busiest times of the year, Communion season requires gift stores to stock a wide and diverse range of holy Communion gifts to appeal to the thousands of boys and girls making their first holy communion.

As suppliers for over 60 years we understand these needs well, which is why our range of holy Communion gifts is unmatched by any wholesale supplier across the UK & Ireland.

Supplying a huge selection of gift sets, cards, candles, books, rosaries and other Communion jewellery and gift items we know we will have something your customers will love and appreciate.

If you have any questions or queries about any of our Communion gifts please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email. We are always happy to help. Alternatively, you can check out our frequently asked questions below.

Question: Do you supply Holy Communion gift sets? 

Answer: Yes, and our gift sets come in a wide variety of combinations so you are guaranteed to find something to suit your customers needs. Our gift sets include pens, books, rosary beads, rosary bracelets, picture frames, rosettes, brooches, pins, necklaces and purses. All gift sets are also tailored to suit boys or girls but we also provide a symbolic non gendered option as well.

Question: Can you produce custom Communion gift sets?

Answer: Yes. We are happy to supply custom Communion gift sets but they are subject to stock availability and minimum order spend.

Question: Do you supply Communion jewellery? 

Answer: Yes, we have a popular selection of Communion jewellery suitable for boys and girls making their first holy communion. Our jewellery range includes brooches, medals, necklets, rosary beads, rosary bracelets and rosettes. All of which are available in a variety of sizes, colours and materials.

Question: Do you supply sterling silver Communion jewellery?

Answer: Yes, our sterling silver Communion products are primarily available within our range of necklets.

Question: Do you supply general Communion giftware?

Answer: Yes, we supply a range of crosses, laser crystal blocks, picture frames and message angel figurines and plaques.

Question: Do you supply Communion rosaries?

Answer: Yes, our range of Communion rosary products include rosary beads, bracelets and small gift sets that include small pocket sized prayer cards and purses.

Question: Do you supply Communion gifts for boys and girls? 

Answer: Yes, we supply both boy and girl Communion gifts but we also provide a symbolic option too.

Question: Do you supply Communion cards?

Answer: Yes. As one of our most popular Communion gift items, our Communion card range has over a hundred different variations spanning across various sizes, styles and messages. You are guaranteed to find something your customers will love.

Question: Do you sell Communion gift wallets?

Answer: Yes, we have a popular selection of Communion wallets available within our range of Communion cards.