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Jigsaw Plaques

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Jigsaw Puzzle/Sacred Heart   (10625)
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Jigsaw Puzzle/Sacred Heart (10625)
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Our range of Christian art items make perfect gifts and home decorations for any time of the year or occasion. They include devotional and inspiration images and messages in a wide variety of sizes and designs.

With our selection of over a thousand different Christian art pieces to choose from we know you’ll find something your customers will love and cherish. Our collection includes framed pictures, prints, plaques, calendars, candleholders, magnets and even statues.

If you have any questions or queries about any of our products please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email. We are always happy to help. Alternatively, you can check out our frequently asked questions below.

Question: Are your products suitable for a church?

Answer: Yes, while a large number of our art products would not fit the needs of a church we do stock a substantial range of religious prints and icons suitable for churches, parochial houses and other religious institutions.

Question: Do you stock wood framed pictures? 

Answer: Yes, we have a large selection of wood framed pictures of saints, religious figures and other symbols. This range also includes a one off special item that allows you to add a shrine and red bulb to the Consecration print.

Question: Are your products suitable for a gift store? 

Answer: Yes, while the majority of our Christian prints and framed pictures have a very formal and conservative style, we also have a large selection of more modern and creative Christian art pieces. They can be found in our plagues, block art, calendars, car visors and magnet ranges which make them perfect for home decoration.

Question: Do you sell triptychs? 

Answer: Yes, our triptychs are part of our plaque and statue ranges and cover a number of seasons including St. Patrick’s Day, Knock and Christmas. Some variations include gold foil highlights and can either be left standing or hung up using their magnetic or self-adhesive sticker.

Question: Do you sell fridge magnets? 

Answer: Yes, within our plaque range we have magnet plaques as well as specific plaques for fridges. They are the perfect gift and come with a range of different religious pictures and inspirational sayings. Our art metal collection within this range is also very popular. All items come with a magnetic or self-adhesive sticker. 

Question: Do your framed pictures come with altar lights? 

Answer: Yes, we currently provide a small votive altar light and fitting on all Consecration framed pictures.

Question: Do you supply memorial plaques? 

Answer: Yes, we have a popular selection of memorial plaques that come with inscriptions or the option of a picture frame. These items come in metal with a gold and silver finish and our glass options also include a candleholder.