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Brass Standing Lectern   (88905)
Brass Standing Lectern (88905)
  • Nr: 88905
Credence Table   (88906)
Credence Table (88906)
  • 5034951889068
  • Nr: 88906
Hymn Board - Standing   (88909)
Low Stock
Hymn Board - Standing (88909)
  • Nr: 88909
Hymn Numbers   (88909/A)
Hymn Numbers (88909/A)
  • Nr: 88909/A
Hymn Numbers   (88909/B)
Low Stock
Hymn Numbers (88909/B)
  • Nr: 88909/B
Hymn Board   (88910)
Hymn Board (88910)
  • Nr: 88910
Predieux   (88912)
Low Stock
Predieux (88912)
  • Nr: 88912
Wood 2 Sided Book Case  (88915)
Wood 2 Sided Book Case (88915)
  • 5034951889150
  • Nr: 88915
Missal Stand - Bronze   (88927B)
Missal Stand - Bronze (88927B)
  • Nr: 88927B
Missal Stand - Wood - Adjustable   (88928)
Missal Stand - Wood - Adjustable (88928)
  • Nr: 88928
Missal Stand/Wood/Adjustable/Revolving   (88929)
Missal Stand/Wood/Adjustable/Revolving (88929)
  • Nr: 88929
Missal Stand/Brass  (88930/BRASS)
Low Stock
Missal Stand/Brass (88930/BRASS)
  • Nr: 88930/BRASS
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Church supplies to suit the needs and requirements for all churches, repositories, presbyteries and their members.

If you have any questions or queries about our church supplies please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email. We are always happy to help. Alternatively, you can check out our frequently asked questions regarding our church supplies provided below.

Question: Where do you deliver your church goods to? 

Answer: At the moment we supply our goods all across the United Kingdom & Ireland but we are also able to supply internationally if required. 

Question: Do you supply communion wine? 

Answer: Yes, we hold a supply of communion wine in both 75cl and one litre bottles in boxes of 12. Due to current restrictions we can only supply communion wine on the Island of Ireland.

Question: Do you supply goods for the altar? 

Answer: Yes, we supply a wide range of products used on or at church altars. Our items range from altar linens, vestments, candles, candleholders, wine, hosts, cruets etc. We can supply any requirements.

Question: Do you supply clothing for churches?

Answer: Yes, we provide a wide array of vestments and clerical shirts in different sizes and colours.

Question: What clothing do you provide for churches? 

Answer: In our vestment range we supply everything from albs, chasubles, cinctures, lectern falls, stoles, surplices and accessories. All come in varying colours and styles.

In our clerical shirt range we provide standard shirts, polo shirts and poplin shirts. All items are available in varying colours and styles.

Question: Do you have much stock of your church items?

Answer: Our levels of stock are dependant on the specific item as well as supply and demand at the time of ordering. We do ensure all items are in stock year round however we are happy to specially order items in when required.

Question: How long does it take to order in your church supplies?

Answer: Our usual turnaround time for ordering in stock can be between 6 to 8 weeks.

Question: Do you provide church goods for Catholic priests working away from the church?

Answer: Yes, we provide both mass kits, sick call sets and oil stocks to allow priests the ability to celebrate the sacrament of mass and administer the sacrament of the sick and dying wherever they are.

Question: What is a poplin shirt?

Answer: A poplin shirt is a cotton fabric with a plain basic weave that allows it to be both strong and soft with a silk like surface.

Question: How big are your bottles of communion wine? 

Answer: All of our bottles of communion wine hold 75cl.

Question: How many hosts are provided in your communion wafers? 

Answer: Our communion wafers are available in boxes of 1000, 50, 20 or 10 wafers/hosts.

Question: How long does your communion bread last?

Answer: All of our communion bread/host items have a best before date of up to one year, providing plenty of time to avoid spoiling.

Question: Do you provide gluten free communion wafers?

Answer: Yes, we have a wide range of communion wafers made using different ingredients including gluten free.

Question: What are your communion wafers made from?  

Answer: Our communion wafers/host items are made from various combinations of ingredients that include but are not limited to fine (white) wheat flour, pure water, yeast and salt. We also supply gluten free communion bread as well.