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Christmas Gifts
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Resin Nativity/Holy Family/Coloured - 10 inch   (89629)
Resin Nativity/Holy Family/Coloured - 10 inch (89629)
  • 5034951896295
  • Nr: 89629
Nativity Set/Resin/Holy Family/Kings - 13 inch  (89710)
Nativity Set/Resin/Holy Family/Kings - 13 inch (89710)
  • 5034951897100
  • Nr: 89710
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Christmas is an important time of year for any gift store so it’s important to stock the latest and greatest Christmas gifts. With thousands of items to choose from across 16 popular gift ranges we know you’ll find exactly what your customers need for a price that's friendly to every budget.

Some of our most popular ranges include Christmas tree decorations, ornaments, cards, candles, rosaries, nativity sets, figures and sheds.

We also stock a substantial number of seasonal church supplies which can be used over the course of the Christmas and advent period.

If you have any questions or queries about any of our Christmas gifts please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email. We are always happy to help. Alternatively, you can check out our frequently asked questions below.

Question: Do you supply nativity sets?

Answer: Yes, we have a huge range of nativity sets that include stand alone figures with an accompanying shed/grotto you can arrange yourself. We also supply base nativity sets and scenes which include nativity characters attached to one singular base showing a nativity scene or shed/grotto. Each set is available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes.

Question: Do you supply nativity figures on their own?

Answer: Yes, we supply a substantial number of nativity figures on their own. Each set of figures come in a number of sizes, colours, styles and a varying number of figures. This is to allow your customers to successfully build their own nativity set that meets their exact requirements. We also supply children's nativity figures as well.

Question: Can I buy baby Jesus nativity figures on their own? 

Answer: Yes, we have a number of varying baby Jesus nativity figures available to purchase on their own.

Question: Do you supply nativity sets and figures suitable for churches? 

Answer: We do not supply full nativity sets for the church but we do supply a range of subtle but beautifully designed nativity figures suitable for church grotto scenes. These figures range from 24 to 32 inches tall.

Question: Do you supply nativity sheds or grottos on their own?

Answer: Yes, we have a substantial selection of nativity sheds/grottos/stables that can be used alongside all of our nativity figures except for our larger church figures.

Question: What Christmas tree decorations or ornaments do you supply? 

Answer: We supply a range of Christmas tree decorations that come available in packs of threes or sixes. Your options include baubles, lantern ornaments, stars, metal angels, bells, wreaths, miniature nativity scenes and light up disc ornaments.

Question: Do you sell Christmas candleholders? 

Answer: Yes, we have a very popular selection of Christmas themed candleholders suitable for small votive candles or tealights. We also supply candleholders which include a small inscribed memorial plaque with a picture frame.

Question: What Christmas candles do you stock? 

Answer: Our Christmas candle range is quite large with plenty to choose from. They include advent candles, scented candles, LED candles, scented LED candles, windproof candles and votive candles.

Question: What are Christmas Rosary Beads? 

Answer: Christmas rosary beads are just like normal rosary beads but they are styled with the colours and designs of Christmas. In our small selection this means the beads will be green and red and will have a junction of the Holy family or small sparkling rings.

Question: Do you provide a discount on Christmas card orders?

Answer: Yes, we provide a competitive discount option on our Christmas cards but only for our boxed cards when a minimum order is placed. Further discount options are available upon request but are subject to management approval.

Question: Do you supply Christmas homeware decorations?

Answer: Yes, we have a range of Christmas themed plaques, waterballs, nativity sets and statues which make perfect decorations to display around the home.

Question: Do you supply Christmas angels? 

Answer: Yes, this is one of our most popular product types within our Christmas range. Our Christmas angels range from metal Christmas tree decorations, angel nativity figures, statues for home decor, both hanging and standing message angel plaques and message angel figurines.

Question: Do you supply Christmas calendars? 

Answer: Yes, we have a huge range of both Christmas and advent calendars. All are available in different sizes and designs which can include images of saints, religious figures or scenes such as the nativity.

Question: Do you supply Christmas books? 

Answer: Yes we have a large range of Christmas books perfect for gift stores, schools or Sunday schools wishing to teach children about the stories of Christmas. These stories cover the birth of Jesus, the nativity, Christmas carols, Santa Claus and all are suitable for many different age groups.