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Family Bibles

Bibles & Christian Books
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Family Bible White De-Luxe/Gift Boxed/Wedding   (4496)
Family Bible White De-Luxe/Gift Boxed/Wedding (4496)
  • 9781556657870
  • Nr: 4496
Family Bible De-Luxe/Gift Boxed - Burgundy   (4497)
Low Stock
Family Bible De-Luxe/Gift Boxed - Burgundy (4497)
  • 9781556657702
  • Nr: 4497
Family Bible De-Luxe (LARGE TYPE) Gift Boxed  (4498)
Family Bible De-Luxe (LARGE TYPE) Gift Boxed (4498)
  • 9781947070981
  • Nr: 4498
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Christian books & bibles are a key part of the education of Christians all around the world. As suppliers of over a thousand different Christian educational and informational items we know we will have what you need whether you are a church, school or general gift shop.

Our collection includes a wide range of different types of bibles, children's books, prayer books, booklets, leaflets and even Catholic Church books for the clergy. 

Our range of books and bibles cover many different topics of Christian education and they are also suitable for beginners. Whether it's a small book on how to pray the rosary or a miniature prayer card on the importance of friendship, our items will cover any and all of your Christian educational needs. 

This includes the importance of the rosary, your first Holy Communion, Confirmation, “what happens at mass” as well as many different stories about saints and other religious figures.

Our Church books include items such as directories for clergy members as well as bibles, mass books and missals for congregations. This allows any church or similar Christian institution to be well prepared for mass or any other Christian event.

We also have a popular selection of children's Christian books and bibles. They have been chosen to make learning about religion fun and inclusive through picture books, colouring books and painting books.