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Artmetal Collection

All Angel Gifts
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Artmetal Angel Cradle Medallion/Boy   (34335)
Artmetal Angel Cradle Medallion/Boy (34335)
  • 5034951343355
  • Nr: 34335
Artmetal Angel Cradle Medallion/Girl   (34336)
Artmetal Angel Cradle Medallion/Girl (34336)
  • 5034951343362
  • Nr: 34336
Artmetal Angel/Always An Angel...   (46290)
Low Stock
Artmetal Angel/Always An Angel... (46290)
  • 5034951462902
  • Nr: 46290
Artmetal Angel/Wishing You...   (46291)
Low Stock
Artmetal Angel/Wishing You... (46291)
  • 5034951462919
  • Nr: 46291
Artmetal Angel/Best Friends...   (46292)
Low Stock
Artmetal Angel/Best Friends... (46292)
  • 5034951462926
  • Nr: 46292
Artmetal Angel/We Are Never So Lost...   (46293)
Low Stock
Artmetal Angel/We Are Never So Lost... (46293)
  • 5034951462933
  • Nr: 46293
Artmetal Angel/You Are Such...   (46294)
Low Stock
Artmetal Angel/You Are Such... (46294)
  • 5034951462940
  • Nr: 46294
Artmetal Angel/You Care For...   (46295)
Low Stock
Artmetal Angel/You Care For... (46295)
  • 5034951462957
  • Nr: 46295
Artmetal Angel - Display Stand   (46300/DISPLAY)
Artmetal Angel - Display Stand (46300/DISPLAY)
  • 5034951463008
  • Nr: 46300/DISPLAY
Artmetal Angel/Always In My Thoughts   (46301)
Artmetal Angel/Always In My Thoughts (46301)
  • 5034951463015
  • Nr: 46301
Artmetal Angel/Faith, Hope and Love   (46302)
Low Stock
Artmetal Angel/Faith, Hope and Love (46302)
  • 5034951463022
  • Nr: 46302
Artmetal Angel/You're So Kind   (46303)
Artmetal Angel/You're So Kind (46303)
  • 5034951463039
  • Nr: 46303
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Angel gifts are some of the most popular gifts within any gift store. They make fantastic gifts for home decoration all year round especially at Christmas time.

Our selection of over a thousand different angel products means you’ll definitely find something your customers will love. Our current angel giftware selection includes statues, figurines, ornaments, jewellery, plaques, books, candles and our ever popular “message angel” range.

All of which are made using the finest materials (alloy, porcelain, ceramic, resin, ceramic and felt) and finished using subtle colouring as well as unique designs to fit every season. Each item will come available with either an angel motif or angel figure attached and in some cases they will feature a cherub.

If you have any questions or queries about our selection of angel gift items please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email. We are always happy to help. Alternatively, you can check out our frequently asked questions regarding our angel gifts provided below.

Question: Do you supply message angel sets or display sets? 

Answer: Yes, we have a number of sets available within our general and Christmas angel ranges that allow you to keep the display sets included with a minimum order purchase. We always advise customers to try out our display ranges as they are a great addition to any store front.

Question: Do you sell angel themed holy water fonts?

Answer: Yes, we have holy water fonts available in the shape of an angel made using glass and ceramic, and we also have wooden fonts with angel motifs attached.

Question: Do you supply Christmas angels? 

Answer: Yes, we have a large range of Christmas themed angel products including alloy Christmas tree decorations and our popular message angel statues and figurines.

Our message angles are made using glazed porcelain, resin and fabric felt and all include a short inspirational message or prayer. 

Question: Do you sell cherub items?

Answer: Yes, we have a small collection of cherub items within our grave statue range for memorials.

Question: Do you supply angel products for holy communions or confirmations?